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For general information regarding the Journal or any questions, including possible topics for manuscripts and requirements, email the Editor-in-Chief and the Editor directly at:


Manuscripts or manuscript proposals are to be submitted to the JHHE Editor-in-Chief and the Editor. Submission of a manuscript (or a manuscript proposal) is considered to be a representation that the material is not copyrighted, previously published, or concurrently under consideration for publishing by any other entity in print or electronic form. Contact the JHHE Editor-in-Chief or the Editor for specific information for authors, templates, and new material.

Copyright Information

As a private sector publication, authors retain copyright for their articles. Authors grant to the Journal an irrevocable, paid-up, worldwide license to use for any purpose, reproduce, distribute, or modify their articles in their entirety or portions thereof. Articles prepared by employees of the US Government as part of their official duties are not copyrighted and are in the public domain. The Journal retains the right to grant permission to third party requestors for the use of individual articles provided that such usage is for educational, non-commercial purposes only. Third party grantees, however, cannot further delegate their approved usage to others etc. Third party usage must give credit to the Journal and the author(s). Opinions expressed in the Journal represent the opinions of the authors and do not reflect official policy of the institutions they may serve. Opinions in the Journal also do not reflect the opinions of the publishers or the institutions served by members of the Journal Editorial Board.

Journal Donations and Resourcing

The Journal is supported completely by free will, charitable donations. There are no subscription fees. To make a donation, contact: JHHEDonor@sempervifoundation.orgYou will be contacted in reply as soon as possible with the necessary information. The Journal’s outreach and resourcing is developed by a number of volunteer experts. Charitable donations are processed by several members who are social justice leaders.  The Journal leadership and its readers give special thanks to all of the volunteers whose charitable dedication of time and effort is central to the Journal’s successful international impact.