About The Journal

The Journal of Health and Human Experience is published by The Semper Vi Foundation.

The Journal is registered with the Library of Congress. ISSN 2377-1577 (online).

The Journal is an interdisciplinary, academic, peer reviewed international publication. Its mission is to explore the full expanse of holistic and integrated health within the nature and meaning of human experience. Its scholarly and professional explorations richly convene all possible areas within the arts/ humanities and the sciences, cultural and social concerns, diverse technologies, ethics, law, civil rights, social justice, and human rights. The Journal invites the reader into the fullness of our human nature, our history, and the expanding futures before us.

The Editorial Leadership enthusiastically welcomes academic and research investigations, reviews, commentaries, creative writing such as poetry/short stories, new and emerging scholar submissions, and other possibilities. The Journal makes use of a highly innovative four-stage academic mentoring review process that was created by members of the Journal leadership beginning in 2006 with their service for another publication.

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Donation Information:

The Journal is supported completely by free will, charitable donations. To make a donation, contact: JHHEDonor@sempervifoundation.org. You will be contacted in reply as soon as possible with the necessary information.